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Family Assistance Programs


Imagine this...

You wake up not knowing where your next meal will come from as your children tell you they're hungry.
Work starts in one hour but your tank is on empty and you don't have the money to fill it up. If you miss work, you'll get fired but who will watch the kids if you go?

This is a daily reality for our neighbors in poverty. It's no wonder that, especially in Charlotte (see articles HERE and HERE), it is so difficult to obtain upward mobility.

Families Forward Charlotte is committed to providing relief in three forms, listed below. In addition, we have a comprehensive community resource list available HERE.
In order to meet the needs of each family, we want to know them, their specific barriers and work together to ensure success.

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Each family we serve will be assessed to determine their individual needs. All families will receive a customized "essentials basket" filled with toiletries and other items that will help ease the burden of poverty. We will also work to fulfill other needs the family may have throughout the year in order to help them to succeed.

Personalized Support

Personalized Support

We will work with families, one-on-one, during the year to help them get closer to life-long stability. In order to do so, we will conduct an in-depth assessment of each family. The results will help us connect them with existing community resources and eliminate major barriers to their success.

Weekend Food Packs

Community Resources

We will coordinate, raise funds, collect donations, and provide volunteers to prepare food bags for food-insecure families in Charlotte. Each bag will provide a family with food over weekends and holidays when children don't have access to free breakfast and lunch at their school.

Check back this Fall for updates on the families we serve!