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Dorothy sent some pictures to share as she is proud of the home she has set up with the support of Families Forward Charlotte! Prior to joining Families Forward Charlotte family, Dorothy and her family had been living with her parents. The family was referred to us by the social worker at Devonshire Elementary so we could support Dorothy in finding permanent housing for her family and finding permanent daycare for her children.

She was able to do this with the help of her liaisons, Mike and Debbie Arim, and through her attending some of the workshops FFC hosted during the year. Dorothy said her liaisons have been able to motivate her and help her stay on top of tasks so that she doesn’t lose track of her progress towards self-sufficiency. When attending the workshops, Dorothy found the workshops about budgeting, parenting, mental health, education, and health insurance most beneficial. Since joining Families Forward Charlotte, Dorothy has been able to add more to her family’s savings and continue to build her credit so that she can buy a home in the future.

Congratulations on your success Dorothy!!

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