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We support, assist and fill in the gaps that were once empty.  This may mean offering limited financial support to help pay for a hotel if homeless, a deposit for an apartment, transportation to get to work, or a certification program.  We meet people where they are, that’s who we are.  That’s Families Forward Charlotte.  And because of the partnerships we’ve formed this year alone, working with 30 families, we have now provided hotel assistance for 4 families to avoid living in shelters or their car, secured housing for 10 families who were homeless or doubled up with friends or family, we have provided furniture and supplies to 10 families so they have a warm bed to sleep in.  We have provided educational opportunities to over 40 parents and 20 children attended summer camps this year, 11 in our program have gained employment and 2 have enrolled in GED programs.  And 3 families now have vehicles to drive to work and to vital health appointments.

Starr and Leonardo’s family is one that received a car this year.  They are the sweetest couple with huge smiles and positive attitudes, but through a series of truly unexpected issues  they ended up homeless with no transportation, no personal documents, no support, and little hope. Both parents found jobs but their lack of documents became a hold up so we helped them with that process.  We got them into a hotel, the family clothes, food, and other items they needed so they could gain stability and focus on the future.  We have the luxury in our organization to meet people where they are at – if they are willing to put in the time and effort we are going to match that and help them succeed, if not, they are released from the program.  Starr and Leonardo put in the work and we were able to eventually get them into housing, furnish their home and get then a vehicle to get them to work – allowing them to pick up second jobs and extra shifts.  Here is a video showing them and other partner families along with what all we have accomplished this past year!

Click HERE for our 2019 Year End Wrap Up Video

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