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Charlotte, NC — November 15, 2019 — Families Forward Charlotte, FFC, a local non-profit whose mission is to bring people out of poverty through education, mentoring and essential support has created a partnership for the families it serves with Thompson Family Services Center, TFSC.  Through this partnership, TFSC, will provide clinical assessments and other services that will address the whole-health needs of families.

FFC requires families to attend monthly workshops about various life topics such as financial literacy, job/career, and life skills, in order to be eligible for FFC support.  This month’s workshop about parenting was administered by TFSC. Within this workshop, parents learned skills that equip them with the ability to help make their families whole again.  In addition to these workshops, TFSC will provide the children and families with FFC assistance and support who may have experienced trauma by providing resources which may include treatment or counseling that focuses on the underlying root causes of behavior.

“This additional layer of support for our families will be a critical component to equip them with the survival skills they need as children and parents.  We have seen this need for quite some time with the families we’ve served and are delighted that this is now in place,” says Carrie Christian, President of Families Forward Charlotte.

Matt Simon, Chief of Programs at Thompson Family Services Center exclaims, “I am excited about our partnership with Families Forward – which is truly a forward thinking organization dedicated to reduce the impact of poverty in Charlotte. No organization can tackle ­every issue – in order to truly transform our community it will require robust partnerships across organizations that share common values but come from different specialties.

As a leader in the mental health and family support space, Thompson sees firsthand the relationship between poverty and behavioral health challenges – often brought on by unaddressed adverse childhood experiences.

By partnering with Thompson, Families Forward will be able to create streamlined access for their families to receive the necessary mental health, parent education and case management services they need to achieve their goals, be successful, and break the cycle of poverty.”

For more information on Thompson Family Services click here.

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