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This Thanksgiving, I am more thankful than ever.

I’m thankful for the inspiration to start this organization. I’m thankful for the NPR radio show that aired two years ago talking about Charlotte’s lack of upward mobility (if you are born into poverty, you stay there). I’m thankful for the opportunity last Christmas to provide presents and necessities for Alex and his family.  Their situation stayed with me and is the catalyst behind Families Forward Charlotte.

I am thankful for my family.  As a child, I witnessed my parents serving our community.  My mom and stepdad always gave their time and resources through church missions.  My dad and step-mom provided meals to countless people during holidays and throughout the year.   Their home is a revolving door of love for neighbors living in poverty, including the homeless woman, Mary, they have been helping for the last few years. Watching my family provide for others, without judgment, is the inspiration behind my unyielding passion for Families Forward Charlotte.

I’m thankful for the remarkable individuals who took the time to talk to me, guide me, and teach me, throughout the year, to make Families Forward Charlotte a reality.  I am thankful for our Board of Directors that devote their time, money and energy into every facet of our organization. I am thankful for the volunteers that packed bags, organized, and hosted donation drives.  I am thankful for our Family Liaisons who are mentors working one-on-one with families.  They have helped them apply for rental homes, set personal goals, and connect them to community resources. I am thankful for Ms. Smith, a tireless social worker dedicated to help as many families as possible.  I am thankful for my husband who has been incredibly supportive and volunteered countless hours for our organization.

I am thankful for my family’s many blessings. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve our community when it needs us the most.   Thank you to our supporters this year.  This would not be possible without you

Carrie Christian
President/Founder of Families Forward Charlotte

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